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tv   [untitled]    June 27, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> very good. perfect timing, mayor. [applause] >> actually, mayor, i was just at the part of the program where i was going to introduce. it is now my pleasure to introduce the honorable edwin lee, the honorable mayor of the city and county of san francisco? would you mind saying a few words? >> well, thank you. i guess my timing is still ok. everybody, thank you for being here. housing, and especially affordable housing, is such a challenge these days.
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with the economy the way it is, with the lack of help we get from the feds and the state, we have to do a lot on our own. that means we have to have the most creative people working in partnerships with the other committed creative people in our community. so it is no wonder you have got the union bank, wells fargo working together with the federal home loan bank. you've got the institute of aging working with bridge housing. you've got redevelopment working with the mayor's office. everybody, including our public health department, all putting their best synergies together to create this fantastic place that when i walked in, the first thing i asked was where was my unit. just to understand, you have 125 units, 25 of which are going to be targeted for our most frail, our most
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vulnerable, sitting on top of two floors of fantastic health -social service-corrective type supportive things we did do for our seniors. it is that type of magic that says only in san francisco can we open this kind of thing up like this when everybody else is talking about layoffs, shutting down, not getting started, not even having good conversations at all. take a look around you. i think we are really lucky to be in a city to have people that are so committed to working together. and i wallace want to -- also want to thank everybody. the neighborhoods had the problem with the size and the mass, and we found a way to get through that, to find a common agreement, to look forward to a day like this to see the seniors as happy as they are to have an affordable unit here in the middle of our great city. this is a wonderful plushment,
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and i know there was a lot of sweat, a lot of tears behind doing all of this, and i want to thank everybody involved in it. especially bridge. you are such a magnifique accept housing provider and developer. you have done wonderful things working alongside the institute. it is a marvelous combination. i am here to say thank you to everybody who participated in this. as i saw down it street, looking to see what we were going to do with the old coronet, how it was going to be here and how it was going to transform, and i am so glad so many people made this happen. for future generations of people who are going to come here, serviced here, live here in a comfortable way, and then to make sure this serves as yet another example as to why we fight for redevelopment, why we do things right in the city. to make sure fred maxwell, doug
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and others keep these examples coming. in san francisco, we will continue doing it right. now they don't get paid up there until they start listening to people and getting the work done. thank you very much for this opportunity. [applause] >> mayor, thank you so much four thoughts, and he about couldn't agree with you more. i have to say that the redevelopment agency, the city and county of san francisco, have been stellar partners for bridge, and we appreciate your candid attitude. thank you very much, and i would like to give you this as an appreciation. >> well, thank you very much. [applause] >> another great partner of bridge's --
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